We have some exciting news over here at Balance Nutrition Counseling. We have released an eBook in collaboration with one of our previous interns, Anna Nakamoto. Anna is a future dietitian who just graduated with her master’s in community health and nutrition from Tennessee Tech.

Pictured Right: Anna Nakamoto the writer of the eBook.

Anna partnered with us for the release to reach more people in the Nashville community. Here is some info on the eBook directly from the writer. Nourished: Intuitive Eating for Any Budget is a revolutionary idea that in my opinion hasn’t been talked about enough. You hear all the time about the rising food costs in America. Food prices have risen an eye-watering 25% according to the Federal Reserve since the pandemic began. Eating out now costs 25.4% more than it did five years ago. Diet culture is on the rise with the popularity of Ozempic and the thin ideal coming in at full swing. Intuitive Eating pushes back on diet culture. Intuitive Eating was created by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch in 1995. Intuitive Eating has been proven that it reduces disordered eating, improves body appreciation, and reduces dietary restraint.

Pictured left: The cover of the eBook.

My inspiration in writing this eBook was to make Intuitive Eating more accessible for people wherever they’re at on their financial journey. I believe that everyone deserves access to food. I was inspired to write this from my own journey with personal finance and looking at all the areas of spending in my life. This summer I became interested in financial independence, retire early (FIRE) and it completely changed my view on finances and budgeting. My second year of college, I volunteered at the Tennessee Tech food pantry, which opened my eyes to the high rates of food insecurity on the college campus and in Tennessee. Michelle Huddleston was an inspiration in her fight against hunger. She inspired me to work to prevent food insecurity in my life.

90% of Americans are currently worried about the cost of food. Sadly, this affects the lowest income groups most. Households in the lowest income groups spend 31.2% of their income on food while the people in the highest income groups spend an average of 8.0% of their income on food. Food insecurity affects Black and Latino populations at double the rate of white households.

This eBook will give you all the details on how to make groceries and eating out more budget friendly while also honoring your hunger and your body. It will also go through an easy budgeting process so you can conquer your budgeting goals. There’s so many amazing financial advice and a lot of not-so-great financial advice. I want you to be equipped to know how to weed through the information. I know that with social media it feels like everyone is making over a 100k at 25 (most are not) and can afford new cars and million-dollar houses. This book is the anti-thesis to that comparison trap. It’s so easy to get into and I have been there myself.

Meal prepping can save you so much money and it seems way harder than it should be. I show you my easy meal prep methods in the book while also leaving lots of personal freedom. I want you to be able to choose what works best for you. With this eBook, you can learn how to save money through meal prepping.

I created 21 budget-friendly recipes that are easy to make. These recipes were inspired by some of my travels around the world and my Japanese culture. Cooking shouldn’t be hard. I incorporated some of my favorite easy recipes in here and a few recipes that take a little longer but are well worth the effort. I included my favorite Czech kolaches, spaghetti Bolognese, and an easy Indian curry.


Pictured left: My favorite cinnamon roll recipe that’s included in the eBook.

I hope this eBook inspires you to try new recipes, continue your Intuitive Eating journey, and be more confident in your relationship with food and money. This eBook is free through Balance Nutrition Counseling, you can contact us for it here, and my own, Intuitively Anna. I hope you enjoy reading this and be sure to share it with your friends.

Thank you! – Anna