Women’s Eating Disorder Recovery Group

Women’s Eating Disorder Recovery Group provides a safe environment for women to work on their recovery in an on-going process group. Our members make powerful connections, gain peer support and are reminded they are not alone in their journey.

  • Co-facilitated by Mary Eber LPC-MHSP and Melissa Giovanni MS, RD, LDN
  • Two hour, weekly sessions with an initial 6-week commitment
  • $85/group session

Themes explored in group:

  • Struggles with body image and low self-worth
  • Challenging negative cognitions that contribute to eating disorder behaviors
  • Accountability and solution focus/skills used to decrease and eliminate behaviors
  • Exploration of social media and cultural norms surrounding thin ideals that can contribute to eating disorders
  • Connection to difficult emotions and life events that contribute to eating disorders as a maladaptive coping strategy
  • Psychodrama/experiential modalities
  • Meal support/outings
  • Nutrition information and education to help move toward intuitive eating
  • Movement/physical activity discussions to move toward intuitive and joyful movement

Mary Eber
Co-facilitator and Group Therapist

Mary Eber is a nationally certified counselor offering individual and group therapy in Nashville, TN. She specializes in trauma, eating disorders, and intimacy disorders that interfere with one’s relationship with self and others. In her therapeutic work, she embraces the whole person by meeting a client where they are and provides direct feedback in order to push clients into their work and aid in the development of a connection to the most authentic part of self.

You can learn more about Mary and her services at maryebercounseling.com.