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How To Respect Your Fullness

So we are back to the Intuitive Eating series on the blog today! Today we are going to talk about Intuitive Eating principle 5, respect your fullness. Every human is born with the innate ability to feel fullness and respect it by stopping eating. If you’ve ever watched a child eat, some days they eat […]

Spring Recipes!

Spring is here!!! That means the flowers are starting to bloom (depending on where you live – they are here in Nashville), the sun is shining more, and food preferences may start to shift. In the winter months I tend to love lots of crockpot meals, casseroles, warm and comforting dishes. Then once spring starts […]

How to Challenge the Food Police

In my last post on Intuitive Eating, we talked about how to make peace with food. This week is all about working towards challenging the food police, the fourth principle of Intuitive Eating. If you haven’t read the last few posts you can find them here to catch up! So, who are the food police? […]

How To Make Peace With Food

Now that we’ve talked about letting go of diet culture and honoring hunger, it’s time to get into the third principle of Intuitive Eating; making peace with food. As humans, when we tell ourselves that we can’t have something, we tend to start wanting it even more. This goes for food too. When we tell […]

Honor Your Hunger

The second principle of Intuitive Eating is, honor your hunger. The first principle was all about letting go of diet mentality. Now it is time to tune into your hunger, learn what that feels like, and honor it. Learning to honor this biological signal in our body sets us up for rebuilding trust with food […]

5 Steps To Reject Diet Mentality

Reject the diet mentality is the first principle of Intuitive Eating. Holding onto hopes about dieting or finding the perfect diet will keep you from being able to eat intuitively. Diets do not work long-term. There is plenty of research showing that the end result of diets is actually weight gain. This is why people […]

Can you accept your body as it is?

We live in a world that makes it extremely difficult to accept our bodies as they are. Our society constantly bombards us with advertisements and information that tells us we need to change. We need to look smaller, thinner, stronger, younger, prettier, taller, and the list goes on. This goes for all the men out […]